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Cum Inside Me

Do you want Me to light this cigarette? Well, I want your big cock inside Me. So, I'll light it once your balls deep in this sweet MILF pussy. I'll ride your cock and blow smoke in your face in this POV, virtual sex, smoking clip. Bouncing up and down on your cock, smoking and talking dirty. It feels so fucking good. I want you to cum deep inside Me. Will you do it? Let's cum together.

Jizz On MILF Ass In Pantyhose

You love the way My sweet MILF ass fills out these sexy black pantyhose. It makes your cock so, so hard. You may not know this; but, your cock loves it when you stroke it for My ass in pantyhose. Do it. Stroke that cock to My instruction and encouragement. I want that big load on My ass. I want you to soak My pantyhose in your sticky jizz. Do it for Me. Do it for My tight MILF ass.

Road Trip Smoke Break

I took a little road trip out to the desert this weekend. Of course, I had to stop and take a smoke break. It was pretty windy so, I had some difficulty getting My cigarette lit but, I eventually got it handled. I smoked My cigarette outside and took in the beautiful surroundings while looking rather hot in My yoga pants... I might add. Like I said, it was windy so, the sound was a bit too noisy. I replaced it with some rather catchy music. You'll love it, I'm sure.

Do Wolford's Make You Weak?

Perfect MILF legs encased in pantyhose. They're Wolford's. Do Wolford pantyhose make you weak? I know they do. They're your favorite. I think you should stroke your cock while I show this hot MILF ass, long sexy legs in your favorite pantyhose and classy Loubies. I'll instruct and encourage your stroking while I tease you. I'll bet you would love to soak My Wolfords in your all of your sticky jizz.

Our First Cigarette Of The Day

It's been 24 hours since I smoked a cigarette and the nicotine craving is really strong. I need My fix. I prefer a premium cigarette for the first one. Let's smoke a Saratoga 120 to get our day started. I know that you are going to smoke with Me this morning. Take a deep inhale and fill the lungs. mmm I feel better already. After a few long drags I'm even feeling more alert. So much so that I noticed that earlier I said it had been 24 hours since I smoked. It has actually only been 12 hours. Still way too long. Hell 30 minutes is too long for Me typically. Are you feeling all of the benefits that I am? I feel like I can start My day now.

Shiny And Smoky JOI

Are you ready to stroke that fat cock while I smoke? Then let's do it. I'll smoke My Saratoga cigarette, all sexy, just the way you like. I'll blow My audible exhales right into your face to keep your cock rock hard. You'll get just a bit of encouragement along the way. I know that you know how to jerkoff your big dick. I want to make sure that you know that I like it when you do it for Me. Hopefully My shiny jacket and busty MILF cleavage don't distract you too much from the awesome smoke show that I'm putting on for you. When we get to the end of the ciggy, I'll encourage you to cum for Me. I love it when you cum for Me.

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Corporate Seductress Takes It All

Custom Clip Request - Name Used -Chris "Hello Miss Nikki, You are a corporate raider who takes over businesses from weak men. I've inherited a a business that you want to acquire. You arrange a meeting but my team of lawyers wants to be there because you have a reputation in the business world that you can mesmerize men and read their minds to do what you want. You get me alone in your room, having given my lawyers the wrong address so you have me all to yourself. You can tell how nervous I am around women and knowing nothing about business. You sit in my lap, looking down at me (face + breasts closeup), saying how it's standard in meetings to be so close. You act like you're reaching behind me for paperwork , with your face, cleavage and perfume getting in my face until I'm mesmerized. You say how you could have mesmerized all my lawyers too but you like it better when it's just me and how you and the girls (grabbing your breasts) have me outnumbered and surrounded. As I'm mesmerized in place you start grinding on me, saying that's how you are able to read men's minds and get company secrets. Reading my mind you realize I know nothing about my company and I'm a virgin. You know with your mesmerizing powers if you take my virginity you can control me and the company. I try to hold out but you read my mind and know what I can't resist : your face, cleavage, kisses, slow grinding, locking your pussy down on me. You tell me how there's no chance of escape as I get weaker from your advances"

Panties Over Pantyhose MILF Ass

Sweet MILF ass. I haven't forgot about you ass lovers butt, I do want to thank the one of that you who reminded that I haven't been giving you butt boys enough ass lately. So here is something sweet for you. It's like a dessert treat where My MILF ass if the cake, pantyhose are the icing and panties are the decoration. Wouldn't you just love to eat that up? No talking today butt, I will give you some visual cues to encourage your stroking. I'm pretty sure that you're going to be doing that since I've had you on a dry spell lately. Enjoy My sweet ass buttboy.

Smoky BlowJob Big Cock Fantasy

You have fantasized forever about watching Me smoke while sucking on your huge cock. I have that fantasy as well. Today, I'll see if I can make that fantasy seem like reality when I get My lips around this massive monster... while smoking, of course. I'll treat 'your' cock right sucking, licking, kissing and blowing smoke all over it until 'you' explode into My mouth at the finish. Then I'll drool 'your' cum into My ashtray and extinguish My cigarette... Just the waya you have dreamed about it.

Stay Focused On Your Fetish

Maybe you're here because you have a smoking fetish. Maybe it's a foot fetish. Either way, you know that I deliver it it just the way you like it. I often wonder just how strong your fetish is. Can you stay focused on it? I wanted to test you. Today, without talking, I'll attempt to distract you from your fetish. Did I mention that I'm not wearing any clothing? Stay focused now. Maybe youll be distracted by the anklets or maybe by the fingernails. Probably not. But, what about when I display the Holy Grail? Can you stay focused on your fetish then?

Deep And Sinful Smoking

Crotchless pantyhose/bodystocking means that you are going to get another "sinful" clip. Fans know what that means. I'll let you enjoy all of My lady bits while we smoke deep together. I'll tease you in that sinfully sexy way while encouraging you to smoke More with Me and take More deep inhales. It may be an overload of endorphins when you get to see the sensual sexuality infused with your favorite fetishes... smoking, nylons and Me.

Smoking CloseUp With Lipstick Prints

Sexy long fingernails and creamy, wet, pink lips are clearly visible while I smoke a 120 in this closeup smoking fetish video. Do you like thick, easy to see lipstick prints on white cigarette filters? You will see that in this clip but, not obsessively. This is a smoking fetish clip and you will definitely get what you expect from My non-talking smoking videos... Sexy smoking and exhales blown right at you. So, do you want to join Me for a smoke?