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Hi. I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton. Welcum to My place on the internet where I've been satisfying fetishes and fantasies since 2001. This is My personal website where I post My brand of adult fetish porn. I make MILF videos featuring, smoking, blowjobs, handjobs, taboo, ruined orgasms, cuckold pov, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, yoga pants, ass fetish, bra fetish, jerk off instruction and lots more. Many of My videos are custom orders and member requests. Enjoy the tour then cum inside the member's area and shoot your big load for Me.

your Newport Sex Fantasy

you watch Me smoke Newports. you have for years. you got all excited when I started posting My 'sinful' smoking clips. Since then you have imagined that you're My cameraman. you would get so close to Me, wouldn't you. you want to breathe in My smoke. your cock is so hard as you think about getting that camera right up next to My sweet heaven in those sexy, crotchless pantyhose. you set that hard cock of yours free? It's now almost against to Me. I don't tell you to stop, I just keep smoking My cigarette as you gently, at first, press the tip of your dick against My welcoming pussy. you think that your dreaming, don't you? you slide your cock over My wetness, wondering if this is really happening. As you rush to get a condom on, hoping for more... I finish My cigarette. Sadly, you think that your opportunity is lost but, I quickly light up another Newport. There is still more for you to film. you have seen so many of My smoking videos and have never seen one like this so, you're not sure what to do next. Perhaps your cock has a mind of it's own because it has found it's way back to My vagina. Perhaps it just knows that your fantasy is to enter Me while I'm smoking. I offer no resistance as I want this, too. We exchange no words. We have both dreamed of you filming yourself fucking Me while I smoke and now it's happening, quite naturally. It doesn't take very long, sliding in and out of My tight pussy for you to unload a massive amount of cum all over the front of My pantyhose... or was it all over your hand and keyboard while you watched someone else live out your fantasy?

MILF Riding Your Big Dick

From a cock teaser to a cock pleaser, this hot MILF, in garter and stockings, wants to ride that big dick of yours. So, in this POV, virtual sex, dildo fucking clip I will do just that. I love the way your big cock fills up My sweet MILF pussy, that's why I give it long pleasing ride. I don't have to tell you anything. It will be clear what I want and you'll deliver your big, hard dick just the way I like it.. with Me in control.

Sinful Saratoga Smoking Pussy Tease

I know that you are a fan of My "sinful" clips so, you know what you are going to get to see today. I'm smoking a Saratoga while teasing you with the smoking, My shiny red vinyl thigh high boots and, of course, My sweet MILF pussy. Will you be able to contain yourself? This clip has all of your fetishes in it plus long legs, spread wide open and Heaven on full display, right on your screen. What are you waiting for? you don't want the gates of Heaven to close before you get in. Do you?

Red Hot Cigarlicious

It's no secret that this Lady loves cigars. Today I decided to get all dolled up in red vinyl thigh high boots and shiny, black, crotchless leggings to smoke one. We're going to find out just how strong your cigar smoking fetish is. I'm going to really tempt you with all of My lovely Lady parts. Do you really think that you can stay focused on My cigar? I don't. You will not be able to resist all of the feminine perfection that is about to be displayed on your screen. I truly enjoyed smoking My cigar and you're going to enjoy everything that you are about to see. It's your lucky day.

Girlfriend's Hot Mom Sucks you Dry

Ever since you began dating My daughter, I have made it clear that you are not permitted to have sex with her. I promised to get you off anytime that you were really horny and needed to unload. I have always kept that promise. I heard that you have special plans with My daughter tonight. you're planning on doing something with her that I would not approve of. I won't let that happen. I know that you love to watch Me smoke and I think that you will love Me sucking your cock while I do it. How does that sound? I knew you would agree. I'm the only person that understands your fetish. Sometimes I think that you only date My daughter so that you can keep hooking up with Me. Now get over here so I can suck that cock. I want your cum all over My big MILF titties. I'm going to take your cum and your erection, so that My daughter can remain chaste.

The Neighborhood Slut MILF

When I asked you to come over, I didn't expect you to show up before Me in your underwear. Appearantly the rumors about Me have gotten fully around town. You must have heard that I have been known to give blowjobs to some of the guys in the neighborhood. But you showing up in your unders implies that you think that I'm the neighborhood slut MILF. Well, maybe I am. So, I'm gonna suck your cock and get a huge load of cum on My big MILF Titties.

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Pull Hard - Hold It Deep

Smoking with Me has made you quite the junkie, hasn't it. Well, I'm not letting you off the hook any time soon. I'm going to pull you in deeper today. We are going to continue making your addiction stronger by pulling hard on that cigarette. Taking it deep and holding it there, giving it time to increase your submission to the nicotine. I'll instruct your smoking as I do it with you. There is no escape from Me or the cigarettes.

Stroke To My Smoke

Tell Me. Are you ready to stroke and smoke? Do your wanna stroke your cock while I smoke? Do you want to to smoke with Me? I know you do. Let's get started. I'll get My Saratoga. You get your cigarette and your cock in hand. Take a drag off that cigarette and stroke that cock for Me. Do you like it... smoking with Me and stroking for Me? I'll blow some of My smoke in your face. Take it all in while you stroke your cock. I want you to cum for Me.

Smoking Your Big Pole

Everybody has a fantasy. Yours is to watch Me suck your big cock while smoking a cigarette. You dream about this all of the time. Today, I'm acting out your fantasy. I'll light My cigarette and suck on your big cock while I smoke. I'll make sure to blow smoke all over your perfect manstick. I'll stare into your eyes while I make love to it with My mouth. mmm smoked cock. I love smoking your big pole.

Wet Pink Lips Smoking More

I'll start by adding lip gloss to My MILF lips that are already coated in pink lipstick. I'll get out a More cigarette. I've got quite a bit of lipstick and lip gloss on so I'll definitely be leaving a visible priint on the brown filter. I'll smoke and tease up close. I'll reapply lip gloss 2 more times before the end so you can surely get your fill of More lipstick, More lip gloss and More sexy smoking. No talking, no distractions.

Smoking While Riding Your Cock

Riding your cock POV. Bouncing up and down on your hard dick while smoking a cigarette, blowing smoke in your face and talking dirty. This is pretty much what you dream about every night so, go ahead and enjoy this virtual sex smoking clip and, in the end, you can virtually fill Me with your creamy load as we cum together.

Do What Your Dick Says

I don't know who sent Me these sexy colorful yoga pants... butt, I love them. You may deny that you do... butt, your hard dick says otherwise. Your dick loves MILF ass and it loves yoga pants. It loves to be stroked while your eyes feast on My sweet MILF ass in yoga pants. Don't deny your hard dick a good handjob. Do what your dick wants and stroke it to My ass. Stroke it to My colorful yoga pants. Stroke your hard dick to My sexy encouragment and instruction. I know you want to blow a fat load on My tight ass right now.

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Smoking With The Boss

I've called you into My office because your sales numbers are down. I light a cigarette and begin to discuss it with you. I notice that you can't seem to stay focused on the conversation as you are completely distracted by Me smoking. Maybe it's the cigarette, the long red nails or the lipstick stain, maybe it's the cleavage. In any case, I decide to run with My instinct that your infatuation with watching Me smoke is why your numbers are off. Even though you do not smoke, I decide that you need to smoke a cigarette with Me and offer you one. You light your cigarette and smoke along with Me as I encourage you to take deep inhales. I decide to offer you a new motivation as we smoke together. If you can get your sales numbers back to where they need to be you can start taking smoke breaks everyday with Me. How does that sound?

Sensual Saratoga Smoke And Stroke

Sultry smoking of a Saratoga 120 coupled with sensual, soft and sexy, smoking stroke instruction will be how you cum today. I know your weaknesses... smoking hot MILF, fishnet pantyhose, Louboutin high heels, long fingernails hodling a Saratoga cigarette and deep inhales followed by exhales blown into your face. Everything you need to rub one out to a very satisfying finale.

Jerk Off For MILF Ass

I know how addicted you are to this sweet MILF ass. Every time you see it, your dick gets instantly hard and you have to stroke it. That's what we'll do today. I will instruct your jerking while I tease you with My pantyhose covered, sweet MILF ass. Both of your fetishes on display while you stroke that hard cock for Me. Are you ready to cum for this mature, MILF ass?

Making Memories In Teachers Lounge

How does it make you feel peaking into the teacher's lounge and watching the teachers smoke? Do you have a little smoking fetish? How does it make you feel that I busted you? Don't be embarassed. I don't want this to be a bad experience for you. Does watching Me smoke make your penis hard? I can tell by the bulge in your pants that it does. What kind of teacher would I be if I didn't use this as a teaching moment. I'm going to teach you to dive into your fetish. Plus, I can't very well have you walking here with an obvious erection. There is no one else in here right now so, pull out your penis and I'll give you all the inspiration and instruction that you need to both enjoy your fetish and relieve that hard penis.

Soak My Pantyhosed MILF Ass

Yummy MILF ass in pantyhose is your weakness. It always has been. Today I have stocking pantyhose over pantyhose over sweet MILf ass. It's prolly fetish overload for you. I can see how hard your cock is now. you need to stroke it. you must stroke it for Me. Follow My masturbation instructions to drop a huge load for Me. Can you soak My pantyhose in your hot jizz? Can you even even make it to the end of the clip?

Love Watching Me Smoke

Pretty MILF, long pink fingernails, pink lips but, what you really care about is that I'm smoking a 120 cigarette. you love watching Me smoke and you get to today without interruption. No talking, no music, no distractions between you and your favorite fetish... Me smoking a cigarette.

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