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Hi. I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton. Welcum to My place on the internet where I've been satisfying fetishes and fantasies since 2001. This is My personal website where I post My brand of adult fetish porn. I make MILF videos featuring, smoking, blowjobs, handjobs, taboo, ruined orgasms, cuckold pov, pantyhose, stockings, high heels, yoga pants, ass fetish, bra fetish, jerk off instruction and lots more. Many of My videos are custom orders and member requests. Enjoy the tour then cum inside the member's area and shoot your big load for Me.

Mom's BFF Owns Your Cock

This Smoking, MILF, HandJob, Facial clip is the newest addition to the on going saga between Myself and My best friend's son johnny boy (you). In this new episode I am sitting on My couch, lounging in pantyhose, smoking a cigarette and reading My magazine when johnny boy texts Me. This is the first time that he has initiated contact. I call him back to see what's up. (Pun intended) He informs Me that his parents have gone out to dinner and would like to stop by for some random reason. I call him out on his silly excuse. I know what he wants... he has a hard cock and knows that nobody can take care of him like I can. I tell him to come on over, drop his clothes at My door and come into My room. I'm just thinking to My self how I have him wrapped around My little finger when I hear him arrive. He must have run. He got there so fast. He enters the room to find Me waiting. He settles onto the sofa as I light up a cigarette and take his cock into My hand. I wonder if he has been practicing edging and lasting longer like I told him to. He knows that I want his hard cock inside Me but, not until I have confirmed that he can at least last for a handjob. I smoke and stroke his cock while acknowledging that I am impressed with his new found stamina. I keep stroking him. Clearly he has has been practicing for Me. I love how long this smoking handjob is lasting because I love having his cock in My hand. I finish My ciggy and continue teasing his cock with My long sexy fingernails. I slow it down anytime that I sense he is getting too worked up. I keep it teasing and steady making sure that he knows that I alone control his cock. In fact, I own it. We both want the same ending... for him to give Me a cummy facial. As I realize that he can't take much more, I have him stand up. With his hard cock now staring at Me, I jerk out a huge load of cum onto My face.

Sinfully Erotic

Chain Smoking MILF Pussy Tease -Well I suppose the title gives you a pretty good idea, huh? Looking all hot in a pink, open crotch, fishnet bodystocking with a pink bra and pink high heels is more than enough to get you hard but, there is more. I'll light up a cigarette and smoke in that way that you love as I tease you with glimpses of that sweet MILF honey pot. As I reach the end of My first ciggy, I'll use it to light another and smoke both for a bit before extinguishing the first. I'll be much more gratuitous with the view now. How will you ever resist the urge to jerkoff? Will you even remember to watch Me smoke with My legs spread and all of My MILF perfection in plain view? By now I know that you're jerking it hard and will give you some visual cues. Are you ready to cum for Me now... or have you already?

cuckolded After An Office Party

Custom Video - No names used. He requested: POV Pantyhose BJ Attire: Black Dress Make up: Heavy make up, mascara, and lipstick Shoes: Black Pumps Pantyhose: Trasparenze Clara Hipster, color bronze or similar dark suntan. (please no runs in the pantyhose) No smoking I have long been a fan of your BJ Pantyhose clips, and I have never seen you do one like the following: Your partner lays on his back with his legs spread apart holding the camera. He has left his company party without you because you were making him too jealous and he could not take it anymore. You start apologizing for turning on all his co workers in front of him as you crawl on your hands and knees towards him. You start to cuckhold him as you suck his cock and talk dirty to him about flirting with his co workers as he watched. Your nylon ankles should be criss crossed for the the first 1 minute or so with pumps on. Then as you are cuckholding him with dirty talk you kick your shoes off. The camera should have your face and your nylon soles in view. Throughout the video, please shuffle your feet and wiggle your toes slowly as you suck him into being a cuckhold. You tease him towards the end that your nylon feet are too much for him to take, and you tell him how much fun you had watching his co workers stare at your nylon feet. Feel free to ad lib or change things, and most of all, I hope you have fun.---After watching the video he said, "You can write a script or present an idea all day long, but, when your personal touch is added, the result is a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN. I was blown away by how you took the clip idea and ran with it. INCREDIBLE! Perfect makeup, outfit, shoes, nylons, etc etc. THANK YOU for an amazing clip!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!"

Mom's BFF Is A Cock Hungry MILF

My husband has been out of town for two weeks. Unfortunately his co-workers went with him so, I haven't had access to any cock for two weeks. That's a long dry spell for Me. I'm on the phone lamenting to My girlfriend that My craving for cock and cum is insatiable right now and that I have to find a cock to suck, soon. About that time, you walk in. You just finished washing My car and are returning My keys. I tell My girlfriend that I think I just found a solution to My problem. We make small talk about the job you just finished before I ask you point blank if I can suck your cock rather than pay you. You think it's some kind of joke as your mom is My best friend and you just can't believe that I'm offering that. I convince you that I'm serious and of course, you admit that you want it to happen. You confess that you've never actually had a blowjob before as your girlfriend thinks it's gross. Well, I love cock. I reach out and rub your pants. Your erection tells Me that you really want your cock sucked. I pull your pants down, drop to My knees and take your cock in My hand. Finally I'm going to get what I want. I suck your cock for a while then suggest you sit down to makes things a bit more comfortable. I go back to work on your cock. Perhaps we can make this our new arrangement as I am enjoying having your cock in My mouth. I ask if you are ready to cum. I finish you off in My mouth and drool some back onto your cock. I swallow your delicious cum, lick it from My hands then lick your cock clean.

StepMom's Graduation Gift

You graduated today. I'm so proud of you. I've watched you grow into a very handsom young man. Girls are just falling over themselves to get to you. Anyway, I wanted to give something really special for your achievement. It's not something that you can physically keep forever but, you'll definitely remember it forever. Now, you'll have to keep this a secret. You can never tell anyone... ever. Can you do that? Good. StepMom wants to taste your cock. Don't be so shocked. I know that you have thought about it before. I can see that you love the idea. Now, take off your clothes and get on the bed while I freshen up. I'm going to suck your cock. I'll bet StepMommy's mouth is more than you can handle, though.

Afternoon Surprise

What's the best way to break the boredom in the afternoon? Well, My man is playing with his new video camera when I walk in and light up a Newport 100 Menthol. He is equally as bored as I am. So, I ask him, "Would you be interested in getting a blowjob?" Of course, he is. I come over to him, drop to the floor and proceed to give him a fantastic smoking blowjob, while finishing My ciggy and lighting another, until he cums on My pretty MILF titties. And yes, this is how things really go around My house as he really loves smoking blowjobs and I really love sucking cock. This clip has a very real feel as it just sorted of happened for real as opposed to a being a scripted clip.

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Ass Tease In Thigh Highs

Sexy MILF ass tease. I'm wearing a leotard, pantyhose and black thigh high vinyl boots. I know you love being teased and this is just the right combination of your favorite fetishes along with your craving for sweet MILF ass, to set you off and get you off.

More And Saratoga Smoking Goddess

There's a blonde Goddess on your screen and still you want More. So. I'll light up a More and smoke it for you up close. But, there's still more than just a More. When I reach the end I'll use it to light up a Saratoga and smoke it for you as well. Sexy smoking, up close, just the way you like and lots of white smoke. Don't get so caught up in the smoking that you forget to appreciate the long sexy fingernails and shiny DSLs, too.

Sinfulicious Smoking In Fishnets

My 'sinful' clip fans know what to expect from this - Big titties and sweet, tight, mature MILF pussy on full display. But it's really more than just that. I'm smoking a VS120 wearing a satin robe, lingerie, fishnet stockings with Loubie high heels. I'll smoke in that way that you like while I tease and reveal more of the lovely Lady bits that you crave to see.

More Smoking - More Stroking

Smoking and stroking is what you love. you always want more. So, today you get More. I'll smoke More while I instruct you stroking. As we get towards the end, I'll show you more... like My big MILF tits. I'll blow More smoke in your face while you stroke. I want more cum than you have ever ejaculated before. Can you give Me more jizz, since I gave you More smoking?

My Exhales Are For You

VS120 is the cigarette that I'm smoking today. I'm not going to be interrupting your experience with words but, I will be enjoying My inhales and giving you My exhales. Will you take in all of My second hand smoke? If you do, it will become part of you. It will take hold inside your body and make you mine. Are you ready for the consequences? Of course you are. You are already mine.

Pantyhose, Heels, VS120

Pink dress showing off that big MILF cleavage, long legs in pantyhose and pretty pink high heels will give you plenty of eye candy. That is, of course, if you can look away from the VS120 that I'm smoking. Even if you do try to look away, you will probably get fixated on the long fingernails. Oh My, there is just so much to take in today... like all of the second hand smoke that you'll have to breathe in as I exhale. That's what you really want isn't it? No talking. Just give you a hot, busty MILF, in heels, blowing smoke in your face and you're happy.

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IDGAF What Your StepMom Thinks

You're the boy next door. We just finished fucking and are getting ready to go to a party for your step-dad. I'm a little nervous because I know that your step-mom thinks that I'm a slut that fucks all the young guys in the neighborhood. Well, I am that; but, fuck her for thinking that's a bad thing. she is so conservative and not like Me in anyway. She doesn't like that I show cleavage and she raelly cannot stand that I smoke. All of her uptight friends think just like she does. That's what I love abouit smoking... if I get tired of their trivial words, I can slip outside and enjoy a cigarette. Speaking of cigarettes, this nicotine appears to be relaxing Me and you know what? I don't give a fuck what your step-mom thinks. Hell, I just might fuck her husband, too. He's always ogling at Me. Fuck it. Let's walk in fashionably late and make a scene.

Titty Teasing Smoke And Stroke

It a great day for jerking off to a hot MILF smoking. How about if I distrct you a bit with My big MILF tits? Long fingernails holding a cigarette and touching My big tits... will that distract you from the smoking? Can your brain multitask?... Focus on nails, tits and cigarette smoking all at once. I say it's time to try and have a big orgasm doing it. Cum on My long fingernails, MILF tits or My cigarette. I don't care. I just want you to cum for Me.

Cigar Tease For A Wanker

Custom Request - No Names Used: "i m looking a cigar smoking clip---something along the lines of "more smoking in your face" same blue silk robe and same sort of closeness --with dark eye shadow and dark lipstick and smoking a cigar like in "a lady and her cigar" clip and smoking it down as far as it ll go---about half way though with the cigar in your mouth take the blue robe of and put on your red satin blouse and add more lipstick with the cigar in hand as do it and telling me that i m a naughty boy for wanting to wank while watching you some and blowing lots of smoke at me--i think thats about it---many thanks"

My Big Tits Take your Cum

My big MILF titties are your weakness. They make your cock so fucking hard. I know you need to jerk that cock while you imagine sliding your cock between them. MILF Titties in a sexy black bra, teased by long fingernails and My sultry voice will get you to the edge so quickly but, let's slow it down and take our time. I don't want you to cum too fast but, I definitely want you to to cum. My tits always take your cum.

Sexy Long Nails Blonde Smoking

Ya gotta love watching a sexy, mature, MILF with long nails smoking a VS120. Blonde hair, smoke, light lipstick stain on the filter... it's everything you like to see in a smoking clip. No words to distract you from your deepest smoking thoughts.

MILF Smoking In Lingerie And Lace

I know how much you love to watch a pretty, mature, MILF smoke a cigarette so, that's what I'll do for you today. Don't you love that cleavage sticking out of that lingerie top. Of course you do. I'll remove My lace cover part way through so that you can get a look at all the straps. I wore extra today since you love that distraction. Although, as strong as your smoking and nail fetishes are, you may not notice.

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